Sharps Container

0.1 and 0.2 litre

These USON Sharp Containers are designed for hospitals and health care institutions to dispose
of syringes, scalpels and other types of sharps. They are designed to maximise safety whilst still
maintaining a barrier to protect the user and prevent spillage during use.
Different lid designs give the possibility to discharge needles, syringes and other types of sharps.

USON sharps containers meet the UN requirement no. 3291 regarding packaging approved for transportation of dangerous goods (waste/disposal)​

  • Products are made of environmentally friendly, strong and durable Polypropylene
  • Design and manufacturing secure a high degree of safety
  • Different designs of lid are provided for different applicability
  • Reversible closure can be safely fixed
  • Containers are waterproof when closed
  • Standard colours are yellow, yellow transparent and white
  • Products are made with a private label and own colour if ordered in large quantities
  • Containers can be supplied without UN certificate (for less costly solutions)

Download product sheets:

0.1 l

0.2 l

​​Sizes available as ECO LINE

- manufactured from 100% recycled material

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