USON PLAST is an international company with all production facilities in Denmark. We have more than 50 years of experience in development, production and international sales of products for health care and medical industry. We specialize in manufacturing disposable plastic products for hospitals, health care institutions and laboratories.

We also do contract production for the medico-industry and similar industry, where hygiene requirements, traceability and risk management are important parameters.

The USON PLAST vision is to continue product development and production of disposables of the highest standard to improve safety conditions for the staff in the health care sector.
This is why we always are looking for new ideas and new products.

​Using the latest engineering and robotics technology USON PLAST produces and handles products in a cost efficient manner. USON PLAST is able to deliver products that are produced in clean room environment (class 8/100.000) and eventually sterilized by radiation or ethylene oxide. 

Products, related to health and safety of personnel, are produced with a certificate according to UN standards. Furthermore, our products are annually tested by The Danish Technological Institute to ensure that they meet international requirements and standards.

Our products are produced under strict quality control. They match the strongest environmental demands. USON PLAST A/S is certified by Bureau Veritas according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 andISO 13485:2012.

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