Clean Room and Contract Production


USON PLAST’s high level of knowledge about plastics processing and materials has been gained through many years in the production industry.

With focus on injection moulding primarily for the health care and medical industry USON PLAST supplies total development solutions and participates as a project partner in development projects to provide you total solutions within the plastics area.

Beside proprietary art and in-house know-how, USON PLAST has a large international network that is used in the daily operations.
USON PLAST is also available for the production of injection moulded standard parts or special products according to customer specifications.
New market entry programs and the development of new markets are also within the capabilities of USON PLAST.


Clean Room

We can offer injection moulding and subsequent processes in clean environments and have an approved clean-room-capability according to ISO class 8 (< 100,000).

Product Development

In corporation with your company and your tool makers USON PLAST can participate as a partner in product development of injection moulding of plastics that require high standards.
USON PLAST can add the knowledge to ensure for the customer the product’s match to production equipment capability and subsequently participate in the final design review DQ (Design Qualification).


Test and validation

Prior to all new contract production we also offer, according to a validation plan, an extensive validation consisting of IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification) and PQ (Performance Qualification) before the moulding tool and additional production equipment is released for production.
A line clearance is carried out before each contract production in order to avoid errors and secure a high level of hygiene.


Machines and equipment

USON PLAST has injection moulding machinery in range of 35 to 500 tons. We also offer 2 K capacity for multi component injection moulding as well as options for decoration and labelling, laser engraving etc.

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