USON PLAST helps prevent plastic contamination and maximizes the use of clean plastic.


USON care about the environment and do not let plastic into the oceans! USON are a member of the Plastic Industry (Industry Association for Danish Plastic Industries) and participate in Operation Clean Sweep. An operation that makes USON part of an extra effort to prevent plastics ending in nature.

Operation Clean Sweep -  Link​

Energy optimizing

Focusing on the environment, USON have initiated initiatives that limit our consumption of resources. USON have invested in new machinery and thus reduced power consumption. Water consumption is reduced after having purchased a cooling system that reuses the cooling water.​ 

Circular economic thinking

USON PLAST is environmentally approved by Svendborg municipality. USON only use raw materials made of polyethylene and HD from reputable suppliers. Our products can be disposed of without no environmental difficulties.

USON use 100% recycled plastic in the products that allow it., USON recycle own scrap so that there is no waste!

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